We provide a solution to replace the basic CCH Central email functionality with Mailchimp’s advanced digital marketing tools

Our Features

Contacts to CCH Central

Effortlessly migrate contacts created on Mailchimp to CCH Central in just a few clicks. Simplify your workflow and ensure seamless integration between platforms. Experience efficiency at your fingertips with our seamless migration features.

Contacts to Mailchimp

Easily integrate your existing CCH Central contacts into Mailchimp with just a few clicks. Seamlessly transfer your valuable connections to Mailchimp’s powerful email marketing platform, expanding your reach and maximizing your marketing potential.

Track unsubscribed contacts

Effortlessly synchronise unsubscribed clients between systems, ensuring both stay current and accurate. Streamline your operations by transferring unsubscribe data, keeping your systems aligned and your communication strategy optimized.

Utilise multiple audiences

Sunrise enables the synchronization of contacts from Central to Mailchimp into a specific Audience. This functionality allows you to subsequently send out mailers to that particular audience with ease.

Simple design

Our system simplifies the process of moving contacts between two systems seamlessly. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly transfer contact information from one platform to the other, eliminating the need for manual data entry or complex export/import procedures. This intuitive solution streamlines workflows, saves time, and ensures data accuracy, helping users efficiently manage their contact databases across different systems with ease.